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Yi discovered his passion for hair at a young age and has since refined his expertise through years of training and experience. His journey began in China in 1999, where he completed his initial hair training at Shenyang Pivot Point International Institution.


In 2006, he made the bold move to the United States to further his career and explore new opportunities. Yi's mission is to redefine inner beauty and self-empowerment through the art of hair.


In 2007, he continued his education in cosmetology with a focus on style, art, fashion, and culture in San Jose, California.


In 2012, Yi decided to further expand his knowledge and skills in hair design and colorization by joining forces with the company founder Melissa Soon at Soon Beauty Lab in Brooklyn, New York.


In 2022, after a decade of working and living in New York, Yi decided to bring his over 20 years of experience in the hair industry to open E Hair Studio in South Slope, Brooklyn. He was drawn to the vibrant and diverse community of South Slope and saw an opportunity to provide exceptional hair services to the neighborhood.


The founder is constantly seeking inspiration from his travels around the world. He firmly believes that exploring different cultures can expand his creativity in doing hair. He continues to take classes to enrich his education in hair fashion and style, always understanding what his customers need and being able to create easy and maintainable styles and colors.


At E Hair Studio, his dedication to mastering the art of hair is reflected in the exceptional service he provides to every client.


With Yi's passion for creativity and innovation, he is committed to providing an unparalleled salon experience for his customers.


Join him at his hair studio and let him show you the magic that happens when talent and passion come together.



Freedom, how I can achieve being free is an ultimate question!I have reached a point in my life where I no longer feel the need to delve into the abstract concepts of freedom and depth. The journey toward true freedom is a complex and multidimensional pursuit that has captured my attention. My main objective is to devise a comprehensive system tailored to my unique work style. This system should allow me to wholeheartedly focus on pursuing my passions while effectively managing other responsibilities in my life. I am driven by the desire to liberate myself from societal conformity and instead become the architect of my own destiny. I seek not just to blend in with the current, but to harness my inner strength and create a path that aligns with my aspirations.


"Do I have many options to steadily and strongly create something that is mine, where I have full access and control of my own business when the world is fully involved with social media? Why do I need to chase behind social media instead of focusing on my passion, my brand, and my own value?"

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